Engineering & Design

Whether you're looking for a conference-room upgrade or a new concert venue, you'll find INDIGEX to be a valuable resource in your design and build process. You want knowledgable service with real-world expertise at a reasonable price. INDIGEX offers all of that and more.

Proactive Maintenance

Your audio, video, and lighting systems get used a lot! Wear and tear is a normal part of any venue's operations, and you can plan for it. Our Proactive Maintenance program is designed to control costs and reduce down time. To do this, we visit your venue on regular intervals to service your equipment and proactively identify things that can hinder your professional operations.

Diagnostics & Support

We provide onsite support along with phone, email, and chat support from experts in audio, video, and lighting. Use our staff to meet your needs for on-demand system diagnostics and support.