Your audio, video, and lighting systems get used a lot! Wear and tear is a normal part of any venue's operations, and you can plan for it. Our Proactive Maintenance program is designed to control costs and reduce down time. To do this, we visit your venue on regular intervals to service your equipment and proactively identify things that can hinder your professional operations.

Semiannual Maintenance

Visits to your location every six months to perform preventative maintenance on your systems.

  • Tune audio front-of-house system and any stage monitors; calibrate equalizers
  • Align stage lights
  • Calibrate projector alignment, focus, and color
  • Calibrate flat-panel display brightness and contrast
  • Check and, if necessary, replace damaged audio, video, and lighting connectors
  • Back up configuration of digital equipment where possible
  • Update firmware and software on audio, video, and lighting equipment
  • Clean amps and amp rack
  • Clean audio- and video- processing equipment
  • Clean control-booth equipment
  • Clean podium(s) inside and out
  • Clean snake heads, stage boxes, and floor pockets
  • Perform complete system function test

Remote Monitoring

Computers and network-attached digital equipment can be monitored remotely using the tools provided under our Proactive Support and All-Inclusive Maintenance programs.

Service Calls

When you're enrolled in our Proactive Maintenance program, all service calls are billed at a discounted rate. If you're also enrolled in our All-Inclusive Maintenance program, service calls come at no additional charge.